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Frequently asked questions
Questions about ordering
In general, we place bulk orders for products resulting in a price gap, therefore we can offer lower prices for our customers and partners too.

Yes. We send an order confirmation email to the email address that you provide. In this email we inform you about the details of your order. The content of the email is the following:

A spreadsheet summarising the items of your order:

Billing data:

The amount due to be paid:

Please check your "trash" and "spam" folders within your mailbox in case you do not receive an order confirmation email after your purchase. If the email is not to be found in any of these folders, then please also check whether you entered your email address correctly during the ordering process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our colleagues if the issue is still not resolved following these steps.

You can check the status of your order under "Profil / Order History" tab.

You can registrate through the "Login / Sign up" You can do it here tab then click on "Not registered yet? You can do it here!" so that you enter the registration screen.

Steps of registration:

  • Name: add the name of user
  • Company Name: add the name of the company to be registered
  • VAT number: add the VAT number of the company
  • Postal Code: add the postcode of the company
  • City: add the city where the company is located
  • Address: add the registered address of the company
  • E-mail: add the email address related to the company
  • Phone number: add the phone number of the company
  • User name: add a unique login name exclusive to you


Please indicate if your billing and shipping address are the same. Please provide your shipping address in case it is different than your billing address.


We kindly ask you to read our General Terms and Conditions alongside with Privacy Policy, and please indicate with a tick in the box if you agree with the content of these documents. Next step is to verify yourself through the Google reCAPTCHA system by ticking the box "I'm not a robot" Lastly, click on the "Registration" button. Our colleagues will contact you shortly after your successful registration.


You can receive a bonus and will be able to get exclusive offers.

Our company for bearings features a transparent and easy to use webshop. We strive to make your ordering experience as easy and effortless as possible. Please use our guides made about the operation of the site in case you are stuck during your purchasing process!

No, this is not possible after this period. You can return the product up until 90 days after you received it. You can find further information on the right of withdrawal under the General Terms and Conditions.

The product tables show two different prices. The title will appear by moving your cursor over the header of the spreadsheet.

The first column shows the retail price without any discount. This is the price of one piece in EUR.

The second column shows the discounted / wholesale price also for one piece in EUR.

You can return any product that is damaged or faulty in any other way. We individually handle and analyse every complaint. The returned product will be resent to our customer complete with all its parts (bearing, rings, seals, rolling parts) together with the return and complaint form.

You can find your order history under "Profile" tab. Click on my account icon then scroll down until you find "Order History".

Search in order history

You can specify your filter preferences under "Order history". You can list your order history by clicking on the "List order history" button.

  • Status: You can look for items based on their order status. In case you are looking for completed or in progress orders, please choose "Closed" option. If you are looking for deleted orders, please choose "Deleted" option. You can also look for open orders by choosing "Open" option.
  • Products: You can sort your previous orders based on the products. In order to list orders as such, you need to enter the name of the product in the "Products" field. In case you only fill out this field, you will list all your orders containing the product that you added.
  • Orders from: You can define the starting date for filtering your orders
  • Orders until: You can define the ending date for filtering your orders.
  • Order ID: You can look up a specific order by entering the Order ID of your order, provided to you in the order confirmation email.

Previous orders

By pressing "List order history", the system will list your previous orders based on the provided filtering preferences. You can view the order details by clicking on the "View Order" link, located in the end of the spreadsheet lines.

Details of previous orders

Within the order details you can find the list of products within the order. It is possible to reorder these products individually by entering the amount then clicking on the orange cart icon. In case you would like to reorder the whole of your previous order, please click on "Re-order products". In this case your original order will be added to the cart after a stock availability check.

Questions about delivery

Orders placed until 2 p.m. will be shipped the same day (except for pallet shipping).

Shipping time for regular shipping methods.

  • 1-2 days: Slovakia
  • 2-3 days: Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia
  • 2-3 days: Poland, Germany
  • 1 week: Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria
  • 1 week: Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Lithuania
  • 8-10 days: Ireland, Estonia, Latvia

Data above is for referential purposes only. Express shipping is possible (TNT Express). Shipping time for pallet shipping differs from the above.

We cannot provide you with exact preliminary costs of shipping due to the constant change of prices. In case you have any questions regarding shipping costs, please contact our customer service via the following email address: info@frabex.com or call +43 676 435 7570 (German) +43 676 637 2239 (English).

Frabex GmbH does ship within the territory of the European Union.

We do ship to private individuals and to companies within Austria. We do ship to customers with EU Tax/VAT number (VIES VAT number) outside of Austria.

We provide free shipping for our partners specifically contracted for this service.

For further information, please contact our colleague through the info@frabex.com email address.

Packages: GLS, DPD, TNT

Pallet shipping: DHL Freight

Questions about payment

We provide the option of bank transfer payment for our contracted partners, with terms defined and included in their contracts.

In case of a prepayment by bank transfer, we start to prepare your order for delivery once we received the total amount of your order value. Please make sure that during the transfer process you indicate your order identification number provided in your order verification email.

Data needed for the transfer:

Address: Hauptplatz 11, 7400 Oberwart
Recipient's name: Frabex GmbH
Address: Frankanau 80, 7361 Fankenau, Burgenland
TAX number: AUT68561512
IBAN: AT25 5100 0916 1527 0800

Questions about products

Product pictures depict only the parent products. We do not have pictures for all the specific variations due to the vast number of items in our inventory. That is why there is a possibility for deviation in size, colour, or geometry of the depicted products. We strive to choose photos that resemble the real products in the closest possible way.

We typically receive products from all over the world. Surely, it is crucial for you too to receive the required bearings, lubricators, or sealings timely, and in the proper quality. We constantly develop our wholesale network so that we can provide you with quality ball bearings, rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear bearings, or even complex bearing specific devices thus ensuring your satisfaction.

In case your order has not been shipped yet, you can change or cancel it. Should you have any issue of similar matter, please do not hesitate to call our customer service or reach out to us via email.

The force applied perpendicularly to the shaft is called the "radial load". Radial ball bearings are designed to withstand force perpendicular to the shaft.

The force applied in the same direction as the shaft is called the "axial load". Axial bearings are designed to withstand force in the same direction as the shaft.

Yes, depending on the atomic structure, stainless steel can be magnetic. The so-called martensitic and ferritic chrome steel are magnetizable, austenitic stainless steel is generally not magnetisable.

To ensure formability with high temperatures, nickel and manganese will be added to industrial stainless steel. This is the reason why industrial stainless steel is often magnetisable. The load carrying capacity of bearings made of stainless steel is lower than the load carrying capacity of bearings made of chrome steel. Compared to austenitic steel, which isn't magnetisable, martensitic steel can be hardened. Thus, a higher load carrying capacity can be achieved, which matters at many applications where bearings are used. Magnetism isn't in correlation to corrosion resistance.

The difference between unalloyed steel and rust-free stainless steel is the 10.5% chrome in stainless steel. Due to the percentage of chrome, a thin layer will be formed by contact with oxygen on the surface of the steel. This layer is called passive layer, which protects the base material against corrosion. However, if the passive layer is damaged by external influences, corrosion will develop. Contrary to the general opinion, although stainless steel is 100 percent rust-resistant, a process of rusting is very well possible according to this explanation.

Some factors accelerate the development of corrosion on bearings made of stainless steel:

  • Oxygen- poor or oxygen-free environment: The passive layer can form itself again and guarantee the corrosion protection. It is crucial to choose a material with a high consideration for the environment of application
  • Wrong bearing handling: It is crucial to avoid cleansing with aggressive acids or steel wool.

For choosing the most appropriate sealing, it is crucial to take the environment of application into consideration, therefore it is not possible to generalize in this matter.

In case of an open bearing, the mounting must ensure sealing thus impeding any dirt or contamination getting inside causing premature failures.

Non-contact sealings have been developed for high speed and low operating temperature environments. They are frictionless thus they essentially do not wear-out. Deep groove ball bearings with non-contact sealings are named with the following code-suffixes, depending on whether they are closed on one or on both sides: 'RZ' and '2RZ' or 'BRS' and '2BRS'. Bearings coded as Z or 2Z will have a metal seal on one side or on both sides.

  • Bearings with Z suffix feature a steel sealing and it is used for standard and C generation deep groove ball bearings. The sealing is securely placed in the outer ring, and it provides a thin, non-contact sealing with the surface of the inner ring. This sealing configuration is especially suitable for an application with very high speed and low contamination, where the inner ring needs to spin
  • The difference between RZ and Z sealings is that RZ sealings are made of steel reinforced rubber, and that they are being used for the 618 and 619 range of standard bearings instead of the C generation.
  • BRS is a steel reinforced sealing like RZ sealings but developed for C generation bearings. In this case, the groove of the inner ring and the greased sealing lip together form a sealing labyrinth. The BRS sealing's characteristics for friction are similar to Z sealing's but BRS sealings provide a better protection against dust and better prevention against lubrication leakage.
  • RSR sealings are steel reinforced elastomer lip sealings. One of the sealing lips contacts radially with the inner ring.
  • HRS and ELS sealings have been developed for C generation bearings. They are securely fixed within the groove of the outer ring. The sealant is vulcanized with a steel reinforcement. The sealing's washer and the inner ring together from an axial sealing system. Furthermore, the outer non-contact lip and the inner ring together form a protecting labyrinth. The protection is further increased by the grease layer between the two sealing lips. This sealing configuration enables higher speed compared to the conventional RSR sealings because of the lower friction torque and also because of the associated lower heat generation.

Force impacts angular contact bearings in a definite angled touchpoint (regarding radial plane) which will then transmit that force from one raceway to the other. This is made possible by having the two raceways of the inner and outer rings offset from one another in the direction of the bearing axis thus it can simultaneously bear radial and axial forces.

Axial load bearing capacity will increase with the increase of the angle, that is why angular contact bearings are more suitable for withstanding huge axial forces than deep grove ball bearings. These bearings are available as separate single row bearings, as universal bearings, and also in double-row configuration.

Choose single-row angular contact bearings if:

  • Bearings must support combined loads
  • Medium or high axial forces are present on one side
  • Rigid axial guidance is required
  • The bearing arrangement must be axially clearance-free or preloaded
  • You need high operating speed under high radial and axial loads
  • Bearing arrangement must run quietly in addition to the prior requirements

Choose double-row angular contact bearings if:

  • The application area does not have enough space for a pair of single-row angular contact bearing
  • There is simultaneous impact of high radial and axial loads
  • Tilting moments must also be supported
  • A relatively rigid bearing arrangement is required
  • Bearing arrangement must run quietly in addition to the prior requirements
Guide to using the webshop

It is often difficult choosing the right bearings due to the codes specific to each manufacturer. The information system developed by FRABEX helps to choose the right product.

Our system, containing more than 300 digital catalogues, provides appropriate assistance to identify bearings for industrial, agricultural, and automotive purposes.

Guide to the site

By the filter preferences under search options, you can set your parameters for the search of catalogues.

  • Expression to find: Enter an expression that you think the catalogue might contain.
  • Manufacturer: Choose a manufacturer that you want to get information of.
  • Product: Choose a parent product that contains the product that you are looking for.
  • Type of publication: Choose the type of publication that you are looking for.
  • Search product: By clicking on the search button, our spreadsheet will show you the results of the search based on the filters of your preference.

Our system will filter the list of documents based on your parameters. In the list, you will see the manufacturer, the available languages, the exact title, and the type of publication. You can save the catalogue on your device by clicking the download button in the end of the spreadsheet row.

Yes, but the products in the cart will not be reserved for you thus they can be sold meanwhile. That is why it is possible that your items will not be available next time you log in.

You can search in our product catalogues, you can get information on the distributed manufacturers, and you can search for specific substitute products.

Yes, you can save your favourite products in our web shop. After added to cart, you can add a product to your favourites by clicking in the last column in the right-hand side of the product spreadsheet. You have to click on the blank star symbol to save the product as favourite.

Checking your favourites list

You can check your favourites previously added to your list by clicking "My account" then scrolling down and clicking on "favourites".

Yes, you can change any personal information provided at the time of registration under "my account" tab in the web shop.

Click on the edit button under the left panel. You will then see your personal information in edit mode. Rewrite the fields that you want to change for new data. Click on "save modifications" button after you have finished changing your data. You will then receive a message in the bottom of the right side about the successful modification and our system will store your new data.

You can enter several addresses associated with your company under "my account" tab.

Click on the "New address" button on the left side panel. The fields needed for the new address will be shown on the right-side panel.

Delete or modify addresses

By default, only one address will be shown, which is system-generated based on the data provided during registration. In case you want to edit any of your addresses, please click on the "addresses" button on the left side panel. You will then see the previously added addresses associated with your account.

To edit any address, please click on the orange pen symbol in the upper right side. To delete any address, please click on the "X" symbol with black background next to the pen symbol. In edit mode, please rewrite any fields that you want to replace with new data. After you have finished editing, please click on the "save modifications" button in the bottom of the panel. You will then receive a message in the bottom of the right side about the successful modification and our system will store your new data.

You can change your password under "My account" tab.

Click on the "change password" button in the left side panel. You will then see the panel for adding your new passport on the right side. Add your new password in the first field and then confirm your new password by entering it again in the second field. To store your new password, please click on the "change password" button.

You can request new password under "Login / Register" tab.

Please enter your registered email address to request new password then click on "Request new password" button. You will then receive an automated system-generated email about the password request. We will send you an email with the new password that you can login with.

FRABexi is the helpful mascot of our web shop. He will show up in the lower left side on every site. Do not hesitate to seek his help in case you need any help, or you would like to reach for a site!

You can call him out by two ways: You can either click on the mascot or you can press "F1" on your keyboard. Then a small window will pop up for you, from where you can easily reach certain sites of the web shop avoiding any scrolling.

You can always redirect to our web shop's General Terms and Conditions section through the footer of the site. You can also check it by clicking on the link below.

You can always redirect to our web shop's privacy settings section through the footer of the site. You can also check it by clicking on the link below.